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The Raid – The First Tim Murphy Novel

February 12, 2007

The Raid: A Novel

by Ken Merkley


4736 Barrow Road, Victoria, BC V9C 4C6 (250) 474-1557

Book Details:

380 pages; quality trade paperback (soft cover); ISBN 1-4120-9309-0 $24.95 Volume discounts available (contact the author).


Drawn into an unprecedented raid on the British Columbia Legislature, impulsive RCMP Corporal Tim Murphy uncovers interconnected criminal activities pointing him to a startling secret with major implications for the entire country.


About the Book

After a long and complex police investigation into drugs and organized crime in three major Canadian cities, police are able to make a number of significant arrests. Soon clues surface that indicate political aides to two cabinet ministers in British Columbia may be implicated, resulting in a combined police raid on the Legislature and the homes and offices of some of the province’s most influential political organizers.

The Raid is an unprecedented event that leads to more arrests. Startling evidence is uncovered indicating that a major federal political party may have used the proceeds from drug sales to pay the membership fees for thousands of new party recruits. Over time other criminal activities are unearthed, including money laundering, influence-peddling, election rigging and finally, murder. As the investigation escalates, the combined resources of the RCMP and other major police forces in Victoria and Vancouver become increasingly challenged. Recruited into the investigation almost by accident, the impetuous and daring RCMP Corporal, Tim Murphy, moves from one escapade to another in an otherwise methodical pursuit to determine who is behind this shocking set of crimes. Continually in trouble with his superior officers as a result of his impulsive, hotheaded nature and less than orthodox methods, Corporal Murphy nevertheless moves ever closer to identifying the mastermind behind this complex sequence of organized unlawful activities. What he discovers is startling and could have significant and tragic ramifications for the province and perhaps the whole country.

About the Author

Ken Merkley photo

Ken Merkley is a retired senior military officer, political science lecturer, government analyst, management trainer and company CEO. He currently lives in Metchosin, B.C. with his wife, Bernadette, and black Lab, Rosco.