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Ending the Waiting Game: Increasing Kidney Transplants in Canada

December 31, 2014




Ending the Waiting Game provides a well-documented portrayal of kidney transplantation in Canada from the perspective of a thirty-five year kidney transplant patient highly active in organ donation initiatives. The book reveals the reality of the country’s kidney transplantation structure, including a disheartening examination of waiting times, the characteristics and weaknesses of the various living and deceased organ donor programs and the inconsistencies and discrepancies from province-to-province within the present arrangement. The book also offers a thorough examination of the ground-breaking organ donation and transplantation successes from other countries, as well as a timely and relevant section depicting unfolding, innovative transplant medical advances.

Dialysis patients will be encouraged by the list of possibilities they can consider to reduce lengthy transplant wait times within the current system. They will also be impressed with the many positive suggestions for structural change, which they cannot help but wish to assist in implementing, either through lobbying medical and government decision makers or through direct involvement with the many patient supportive organizations across the country.
In addition to documented material from professional sources, the book contains a wealth of anecdotal information based on the writer’s own experiences and the award-winning actions he has taken to improve organ donor and kidney transplant rates across the country. Patients with end stage renal failure will greatly benefit from the sense of empowerment and hope these experiences provide, along with a desire to advocate for the successes kidney patients in other countries have secured.


Third Title in Tim Murphy Mystery Series – Uncommon Complaints

December 31, 2014


RCMP Sergeant Tim Murphy of the Vancouver Island District Investigative Research Unit is seconded to the Office of the Police Complaints Commissioner and sent to the Sumas Police Department to review an inadequate department police complaint investigation. Murphy’s inquiries lead to a brutal attack by the officer being investigated, followed by an angry dispute with the Sumas police chief. Murphy is subsequently sent home to Victoria where he is assigned a cold murder case. His investigation uncovers startling clues that a rogue Sumas police officer may be working for the Vipers, a powerful organized criminal gang, and could be responsible for the murder.

Fourth Tim Murphy Mystery – Other People’s Money

December 31, 2014

An ambitious but reckless entrepreneur, a First Nation’s band council and a group of investors agree to form a partnership to open a casino at a financially-troubled marina on Quadra Island. Unbeknownst to the entrepreneur and band leaders, the investors are secretly fronting a notorious biker gang. Matters turn ugly when they learn the truth and express their displeasure at working with outlaws. RCMP Staff Sergeant Tim Murphy is required to investigate when the entrepreneur is accused of fraud, but mysterious murders at the marina soon makes the situation a lot more critical.

Second Tim Murphy Mystery – Heavy Traffic

December 31, 2014

RCMP Sergeant Tim Murphy of the Vancouver Island District Integrated Major Crimes Unit is assigned a very cold homicide case involving a large number of similarly murdered prostitutes. He eventually narrows down the potential suspects to three, including a petty criminal with a history of violence against women, a member of atouring golf foursome and a shady Vancouver businessman. After encountering a series of setbacks, a tip takes him to a resort hotel in Placid Cove, an isolated coastal community. There he uncovers a horrific set of crimes, the likes of which neither he, nor the reader, could ever have imagined.