Ending the Waiting Game: Increasing Kidney Transplants in Canada




Ending the Waiting Game provides a well-documented portrayal of kidney transplantation in Canada from the perspective of a thirty-five year kidney transplant patient highly active in organ donation initiatives. The book reveals the reality of the country’s kidney transplantation structure, including a disheartening examination of waiting times, the characteristics and weaknesses of the various living and deceased organ donor programs and the inconsistencies and discrepancies from province-to-province within the present arrangement. The book also offers a thorough examination of the ground-breaking organ donation and transplantation successes from other countries, as well as a timely and relevant section depicting unfolding, innovative transplant medical advances.

Dialysis patients will be encouraged by the list of possibilities they can consider to reduce lengthy transplant wait times within the current system. They will also be impressed with the many positive suggestions for structural change, which they cannot help but wish to assist in implementing, either through lobbying medical and government decision makers or through direct involvement with the many patient supportive organizations across the country.
In addition to documented material from professional sources, the book contains a wealth of anecdotal information based on the writer’s own experiences and the award-winning actions he has taken to improve organ donor and kidney transplant rates across the country. Patients with end stage renal failure will greatly benefit from the sense of empowerment and hope these experiences provide, along with a desire to advocate for the successes kidney patients in other countries have secured.



One Response to “Ending the Waiting Game: Increasing Kidney Transplants in Canada”

  1. Sigurd Sabathil Says:

    Thanks a million, Ken, for writing this book. A must read for any kidney sufferer. I agree 100% with your positive view on a fair reward for donors. The attitudes of the opponents are just appalling.I am backing Ms. Johnson at the Foundation on this. Hope to talk to you sometime. Sigurd.

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